Bus / Van

Bus / Van facility to a limited extent is available and parents requiring the facility for their children have to apply by 31st of March every year.


Library will be kept open from 9.30 am. to 3.30 pm. on all working days

  • Students can borrow books only on days allotted to them.
  • Books should be returned on due dates.
  • Only one book at a time will be issued to a student
  • If a library book is lost, the same should be replaced by the student concerned.
  • Silence should be observed in the library.
  • Dailies and weeklies are available in the library.


  • Well equipped laboratory is available.
  • Demonstration and experiments are done there.
  • Students will do the experiments in the laboratory in the presence of the teacher.

Multimedia Education

The school has a vast collection of educational CDs to make learning enjoyable and stimulating and also easy grasping of basic concepts.

Out door Kindergarten Area :

A separate covered area provides a secure playing area for young kids during the play classes. They get an opportunity to feel free and explore their world.