• Mr. C.Venkatachalam - (Managing Trustee)
  • Mrs. Seetha Chidambaram - (Trustee)
  • Mr. V. Varadarajan - (Trustee)


  • Mr. C. Venkatachalam - (Chairman)
  • Dr. R. Chidambaram - (President)
  • Mr. S. Renganathan - (Member)
  • Mrs. I.Mari - (Principal)
  • Mr. V. Varadarajan - (Member)


  • Mrs. Lakshmi Ramu, M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,


  • Mrs. I. Mari M.Sc., B.Ed., - (Principal)
  • Mrs. S. Saradha B.Sc., B.Ed., - (Vice Principal)
  • Mrs. S. Gnanambal M.A., B.Ed., C.T.E., - (Primary Incharge)
  • Mrs. A. Anjali Devi M.A., B.Ed., C.T.E., - (KG Incharge)


S.No. Name of Donor Approximate Scholarship Amount Rs. Purpose & Class
1 CT. Educational Foundation Rs.500 Matric Board Exam I Rank Student
2 Smt M.V.Valliammai Achi Endowment created by M.V.M. Trust Interest from Rs 20,000/- Towards Teachers Staff Welfare
3 Rs. 1,00,000 donated by Mrs. MV.AR. Meenakshi Rs. 1,000 Top Scorers in X Std., Matric Board Exam
  • The Management of the school desires to have full co-operation from the parents in the interest of their kids and their progress.
  • The Parents are welcome to meet the Principal of the school or class teacher at periodical intervals with prior appointment for any enquiry about the progress of their kids.
  • The parents are requested to ensure:
    • That their children are sent to school on time with proper neat uniform.
    • That their children are doing their Home work regularly.
    • That the school fees are paid within the due date.
    • That their children are not wearing valuable ornaments while sending them to school.
  • Parents are requested to attend the Parents Meeting which will be held at regular intervals and offer their suggestions.
  • Only parents should fetch their children from school except in case of emergency.
  • They are requested not to send their children, if they are affected by skin or contagious diseases, till they have recovered from it.
  • They are requested to see that their nails and hair are regularly cut. Please supply boiled water for drinking.
  • They are requested not to meet their children during school sessions and also not take them away in the middle of the session unless it is necessary.
  • We give importance to extra curricular activities such as Drawing, Music, Tailoring, Craft, Painting, Drama and Debate, Rangoli, Cooking, Gardening, Sports, Karatae and Abacus.