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This school was started during the year 1992 - 93 Sir C.V.CT. Venkatachalam Chettiar was a Philanthrophist and son in law of Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar. His wife was Thirumathi Meenakshi Achi. Sir V. Chidambaram Chettiar, the son of Sir C.V.CT. Venkatachalam Chettiar started this school in memory of his beloved mother, Thirumathi Meenakshi Achi as Meenakshi Achi English School with classes upto V Standard. Then it was changed as a Matriculation School under the name of C.V.CT.V.Meenakshi Achi Matriculation School from 1997-98. He founded a trust, “CT.Educational Foundation”. which looks after the School.


Sir C.V.CT. Venkatachalam Chettiar was the father of our founder Mr. V. Chidambaram Chettiar. Sir. C.V.CT. Venkatachalam Chettiar was the president of the entire North Ramnad District From 1936 to 1938. The British Government gave him the title 'Rav Baghadur' in 1940 and 'Diwan Baghadur' in 1943. In 1955, he became the Secretary for Alagappa Charitable Trust. Even after Dr. Alagappa's death, he worked hard for Alagappa Group of colleges and now that has become a University. In 1962, he started Tamil Research Centre under the Head of great Tamilkadal Raya.So. In 1965 - 66, he went on a pilgrimage to 367 Siva Temples as well as Vishnu Temples along with Dr. Raya.So; and he wrote a book called ' Thiruthala Payanam '. That book was given as a return gift to those who came for his 60th sashtiabtha poorthi. He was also the founder of Rameswaram Charitable Trust.

History Image
History Image


Sri V.Chidambaram Chettiar has founded CT. Educational Trust, which looks after the school. He studied automobile engineering in England and got special training in motor production. He was the Managing Director of India Radiators. He was the President of Chamber of Commerce, Chennai. He was the chief secretary for Indo-American and Indo Australian chamber committee. He was the Director of TamilNadu Planning Commission. He was awarded Indira Gandhi National Peace Prize. He started a charity for children, called Child Trust Hospital along with Rotarians in India & Canada. He was also elected as Governor for Rotary Club, TamilNadu. The high-light of his life time achievement is Netherland Government elected him as its Honorary Ambassador.