Introduction of games in between the training was an excellent idea In depth knowledge in each subject was provided by the trainer. - Ashok Kumar, Manager , Southern Polymers

After attending Six Sigma class, I have confidence that I can improve some process at the supplier or our process . The examples, activities are very nice. - Anandan, Engineer , Mando India

All the concepts were explained in relation with the practical examples (such as letter delivery) and funny examples like taste of samosa for cause and effect matrix - makes the class intersting This will help us to recollect the topics easily. – Krishnamoorthi, Engineer, Mando

As for as I am concerned never attend this much elaborate - the all analysis tools in any class Very thankful to give opportunity to learn mew tools and techniques. -
R Durairajesh, Asst. Manager, Mando

Simply superb, keep the same good job - A Anandh, Sr.Engineer, Western Thomson India


  • Best program ever attended - Nitin, Mech Engg. Student
  • Very useful and enjoyed the training - Deepika, Bio Tech Student
  • I never ever had this kind of mixed training. The exercises we played and accomplishing the target is stupendous - Praveenkumar, Mech Engg. Student
  • Simply Good – Vinothkumar, MBA Student
  • The program is most effective and gave clear view – Gajalakshmi, MBA student
  • The way trainer handled us is excellent. During the AN sessions to prevent us from tiredness , exercises given by trainer is super . - N.Vigneshwaran, Mech Engg student